A Personal Approach

About Kabco Benefits Group

Kabco Benefits Group LTD is known for:

  • Excellent Customer Service at renewals
  • Finding the best value for our clients from the top carriers
  • Honesty, integrity, and great value.

Your Insurance Portal is a custom designed HR Portal for your company that tracks and displays your benefits to your HR Mgr and Employees! It is custom designed with your Logo and is a free service for our clients.

For over 22 years, Dickran Kabarajian has been helping business owners/corporations with Group Health Insurance Benefits. Kabco Benefits Group is committed to being the best source for your benefits needs! We represent the best companies all across NY State, and we will find you the best price for the best quality insurance–including Oxford Insurance Plans!

Kabco Benefits Group Ltd is licensed solely in NY, NJ & MA.

Mr. Kabarajian is personally licensed in the following states: AZ CA MA NJ NY CT MA IL FL TX.

Our business philosophy is to analyze your protection needs by asking you specific questions about your needs and tailoring the right approach.

We also offer premier Oxford Insurance Plans to New York City.