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Corporate Life Insurance: Providing It For Your Employees

Corporate life insurance is typically used to protect top level, senior executives within a company in case of accidental death, sickness, etc. Sometimes, corporate life insurance is also purchased by companies who wish to provide extra benefits to employees. Benefits can be paid to either the company insuring the employees or to the employee’s family.… read more

Why People in the 20-35 Age-Range Need Life Insurance

As we continue our life insurance blog series, we wanted to elaborate on why life insurance is an important component of financial and life planning, especially for people in the 20-35 age range. While it is traditionally difficult for younger people to plan ahead financially, especially when it comes to life insurance, there are several… read more

Who Needs to Buy Life Insurance?

Last week we did a video blog on the ABCs of Life Insurance and now we’ll be elaborating on the topic some more. While life insurance may seem like one of those afterthoughts you buy once you’re married, with 2.5 kids, the white picket fence home in suburbia, and everything else you associate with adulthood,… read more

A Variety of Group Health Insurance Plans

Kabco Benefits Group offers a wide variety of group health insurance plans. By offering coverage from a range of carriers, Kabco is able to meet everyone’s insurance needs. Our team is dedicated to finding the most appropriate, most affordable insurance to fit your lifestyle. You can relax and rest assured that you will receive the… read more